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Orit Roditti 20 years of experience working with children with sensory processing difficulties, children on the Autistic spectrum, and children with Dyspraxia/DCD.

PlayWay Occupational Therapy for Children

I graduated with a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy (BOT) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in 2000 and over the years I continued to develop my knowledge through various courses. I completed the four-month Ayres Sensory Integration training offered by the University of Southern California, USA. For 2 years, I worked alongside experienced therapists in California which gave me the confidence to support young children with sensory processing difficulties. I carried on developing my skills through attending advanced courses such as the facilitator training for the EarlyBird parents' course, the SOS approach for feeding, trauma informed practice and Baby Sense. All of which play an important part in my practice. I was part of the NHS Islington Social Communication Team for 12 years, assessing and supporting children with autism. As part of this team, I have worked closely with clinical psychologists, family therapists, paediatricians and speech therapists, gaining a greater understanding of child development. This invaluable experience enables me to offer a holistic approach in my own practice.

I opened my independent practice, PlayWay Occupational Therapy for Children, in September 2019 where I continue to use the Ayres Sensory Integration approach, as well as running workshops for parents, carers and nurseries and supporting children at home and in nursery/school. I will support you and your child around any difficulty with their daily occupations including sleep, eating, self-care, managing difficult behaviours and any difficulty at school/nursery.

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Paediatric Occupational Therapist

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  • Child or adolescent
  • Sensory integration
  • Professional Supervision
  • Autism/ADHD
  • Paediatrics
  • Advice around specialist equipment or in modifying your home to maximise independence
  • Assessment, advice and support for children
  • Autism expertise
  • ADHD expertise
  • Therapy for hand writing difficulties
  • Regular supervision for independent practitioners
  • CPD advice/HCPC Audit support

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