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Fiona Prior BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, PGCert Sensory Integration Practitioner, HCPC Member, Sensory Integration Network (UK & Ireland) Member, RCOT Member, World Federation of Occupational Therapists Member

Adaptive OT Ltd

I qualified as an occupational therapist in 2008, before practicing in a variety of settings and with an array of individuals each with their own unique challenges and abilities. I went on to train in sensory integration therapy, as an individual's ability to understand, process and use sensory information is vital to their ability to function effectively. These skills enable me to assess and treat people with neurological differences, including autism spectrum conditions and learning disabilities, much more effectively to improve the quality of life of the individual, their family and/or carers. Please visit for more information about services and brief testimonials.

In 2016, I decided to move into independent practice through the company Adaptive OT, and have specialised in working with individuals and organisations to find solutions for complex functional requirements and situations.

I carry out thorough assessments, then advise strategies, interventions, equipment and/or adaptations in collaboration with the client and those involved in their daily life, to achieve an improved quality of life for the individual. I provide interventions to resolve functional challenges, and to support and educate the client and those involved, ensuring recommendations are implemented appropriately for optimum benefit, as detailed in the assessment report. I work with clients in a variety of settings, including the individual's home and other relevant environments as required. I have acted as a second opinion to statutory or other private services. Often the solution is simple, but requires expertise and experience to identify and solve the problem.

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  • Child or adolescent
  • Adult 25 +
  • Young person (18-25)
  • Older person (65+)
  • Sensory integration
  • Advice about access, bathroom &/or kitchen adaptations or equipment Home adaptations for independent living
  • Advice around specialist equipment or in modifying your home to maximise independence
  • Falls prevention
  • Obesity, bariatric care and specialist equipment
  • Specialist seating expertise
  • Learning Disability or Autism in adults
  • Paediatric disability assessments and parental support
  • Specialist seating/equipment for children
  • Assessment, advice and support for children
  • Autism expertise
  • ADHD expertise
  • Specialist support and expertise around anxiety disorders or challenging behavior
  • Education, Health & Care (EHC) plans: advice/assessment

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