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Claire Hancock qualified in 1992, is based in Bristol and is the Director of Claire Hancock Rehabilitation Ltd. She has 23 years of experience as an occupational therapist and has specialised in the treatment of upper limb conditions for many of these years. Claire treats adults and children with hand injuries, rheumatological conditions and neurological conditions which affect hand function.

Claire is a member of the British Association of Hand Therapists and is able to provide the following specialist upper limb intervention:

custom made thermoplastic static and dynamic splints; soft casting for lower limb and upper limb contractures; scar management; desensitisation programmes; management of tendon injuries and contractures; joint and soft tissue mobilisations; graded exercise programs; therapeutic activity programmes; functional assessment; pre-and post surgical assessment

As an occupational therapist I am also able to offer the following, more traditional, OT interventions:

environmental assessment; prescription of adaptive equipment; assessment of personal care, domestic, work and leisure activities; supporting return to driving (Motability, driving assessment, test driving, vehicle adaptations) assessment and treatment of cognitive deficits; activity analysis

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  • Practical strategies/treatment to overcome daily challenges caused by illness, accident, recent diagnosis or ageing.
  • Hand Therapy expertise
  • Neurological conditions expertise
  • Case management after a catastrophic injury
  • Expert witness assessment/reports

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