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Anele Griessel Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration Therapeutic Listening Provider Interactive Metronome Provider SOS Feeding Therapy trained Sensory Attachment Intervention trained Post Grad. Certificate Developmental Disorders

The Lighthouse Clinic

Anele believes that children learn best when they have fun, feels secure and succeed. Building up a therapeutic relationship with her clients and their family are important foundations from which she can then help develop skills for everyday living and learning. Anele continues to develop her knowledge and skills and seek out working with other professionals to provide children and their families with expert advice and input.

She is innovative in her therapeutic approach aiming for expert intervention delivered in cost-effective ways. One of her clients recently said: ‘We had our assessment with the OT & SALT from TLC yesterday. They were absolutely brilliant and I am so enthused by their approach. We are trying the Wilbarger Protocol with D and have set some realistic goals. Am very excited about the future. Thank you very much. :’ – SH mum of D (3 years)

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B.Occupational Therapy

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Phone: 01252714573

Email: [email protected]




  • Child or adolescent
  • Young person (18-25)
  • Sensory integration
  • Mentoring
  • Paediatrics
  • Neurological conditions expertise
  • Autism expertise
  • ADHD expertise
  • Cerebral Palsy expertise
  • Specialist support and expertise around anxiety disorders or challenging behavior
  • Education, Health & Care (EHC) plans: advice/assessment
  • Expert witness assessment/reports
  • Bespoke training programmes
  • Mentoring or supervision

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