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Danni Harrison BHSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Key to Independence Ltd

Danni's company 'Key to Independence' offers a local service to local people, unlocking environmental barriers, enabling them to live their life their way. OT career: Since qualifying in 1999, Danni has worked locally within the NHS and Social Care community setting as an Occupational Therapist; assessing both children adults with disabilities who have encountered difficulty attending to everyday tasks at home. Experience: Providing comprehensive assessments of a persons needs and their carer; enabling techniques to accomplish meaningful activity. Offering moving and handling solutions to enable single handed care. Advice and recommendation of independent living solutions; seating, bathing, assistive technology. Recommending major adaptations including; advice on environmental design to enable people with complex physical or neurological conditions to maintain a level of independence,whilst attending to their activities of daily living. Working jointly with: allied health professionals, care agencies, supported living homes, care homes, housing associations and local council surveyors and architects making necessary and appropriate recommendations. Ethic: Danni ( a working mum) strongly believes in a 'Team Ethic'. Every key member is valued, respected, ensuring a service is delivered effectively and working equitably with regular communication. . Dannis' approach to work does require her to be committed and organised involving herself in: - waiting list initiatives & equipment training programmes Danni is passionate about 'KEY ( Knowledge in Enabling You) to Independence' and aims to provide individualised and timely treatment planning.

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Professional Memberships: HCPC College of OT British Association of OT COTSSH (specialist section in housing) COTSSIP (specialist section Independent practice) APPLE accredited in supervising students

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Phone: 07969571721

Email: [email protected]




  • Older person (65+)
  • Professional Supervision
  • Financial Matters
  • Equipment/Adaptations
  • Advice about access, bathroom &/or kitchen adaptations or equipment Home adaptations for independent living
  • Advice around specialist equipment or in modifying your home to maximise independence
  • Falls prevention
  • Telecare and Telehealth expertise
  • Assessments for Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Obesity, bariatric care and specialist equipment
  • Practical strategies/treatment to overcome daily challenges caused by illness, accident, recent diagnosis or ageing.
  • Oncology & Palliative Care or Condition Management
  • Specialist seating/equipment for children
  • Reduction in Local Authority waiting lists

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