SSIP webinar programme

Hannah Long, Training Lead (Business Development)

Hannah Long, Training Lead (Business Development)
I am pleased to announce that we have now purchased an annual licence for Adobe Connect which will allow all members to access our planned programme of monthly (2nd week of each month), 1 hour webinars (times/days to vary). The aim is for the webinars to be live/interactive but also available, in a recorded format, to those who are not able to attend.

Our programme has been confirmed for the first 8 months:

Other webinar topics to look forward to:

  • Basic accounting skills
  • New/relevant laws and legislation
  • Social enterprise start-up
  • Funding streams
  • How to tender for work
  • Employing staff
  • Associates
  • Building a website.

Please get in touch if you have, or you know someone who has, skills in any of the above areas (support will be given to anyone who co-hosts a webinar - it is really easy!); OR if you have any suggestions/ideas for other webinar topics. Please be mindful that clinical areas of practice are covered by other Specialist Sections and, as such, we will be focussing instead on the unique business skills required in independent practice.

email: [email protected]