SSIP relaunch regional network

Regional Network

Dora Weston | Regional Network Lead
We are pleased to announce that we are relaunching our Regional Network in terms of geography and operation; with NEW LOOK Regions, Regional Networking Events and Locations, and an increased Regional Budget.

I am proposing a unified regional management model, based on our most successful and long-standing Region - the South West; with a minimum of two Regional Contacts per region, shared responsibilities/workloads, and support from their regional members.

Together we want to increase opportunities and, in turn, participation: with participation comes ownership, with ownership comes commitment and with commitment comes pride. SO LET’S DO THIS! Please take part and help inspire others to join and do the same.

OUR NEW LOOK and terms/definitions

Regional Network Lead
Responsible for all matters relating to the Regional Network; liaising with the Regional Contacts and reporting back to the NEC; and supporting the organisation/delivery of Regional Networking Events.

Regional Contact (>2 per region)
Responsible for liaising with the Regional Network Lead and, possibly, Training Leads (Business Start-Up and Business Development); and the organisation/delivery of Regional Networking Events.

Eleven, aligned with the RCOT regions - see map and regional postcodes (REGIONAL CONTACTS webpage).
Top tip: please see the address paper insert in your OTNews package for confirmation of your region.

Regions and their Contacts

  • South West: Fiona Reeks
  • South East: VACANT
  • London: Robert Birmingham
  • Eastern: Victoria Holness-Waud, Charlotte Fox and Mary Hamilton
  • Trent: VACANT
  • West Midlands: VACANT
  • North West: VACANT
  • Northern and Yorkshire: Kate Makin and Hannah Long
  • Scotland (Eastern, Western and Northern): Elizabeth MacDonald
  • Wales: Rhiannon Stokes
  • Northern Ireland: Corinna Keaney
Regional Networking Events Calendar
Three Regional Networking Events per year:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
Regional Network Locations
Eight locations (each overseen/managed by one of our regions):

  • Newcastle (Northern and Yorkshire)
  • Leeds (Northern and Yorkshire)
  • Birmingham (West Midlands)
  • Exeter (South West)
  • Colchester/Cambridge (Eastern)
  • London (London)
  • Cardiff/Swansea (Wales)
  • Glasgow (Scottish)

Regional Networking Events
The opportunity for members to add to their CPD, network and discuss the business of occupational therapy. All events open to all members, irrespective of location/region, according to what suits them best in terms of topic/date/travel.

Regional Budget
Increased with immediate effect from £300 to £500 per region per year.
To be reviewed annually and increased as necessary, in line with actual expenditure and demand/attendance.